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Auto Sales Tips: Lease a Vehicle to Benefit Your Small Business

If you’re a small business owner in Pasadena, you might find that it’s easier to lease a vehicle from car sales dealerships than to purchase one. There are advantages to leasing versus buying any equipment for your business, including a company car. It can make more sense to lease a fleet of vehicles for your sales staff than to allow them to drive cars that don’t fit with the company image.

Auto Sales Tips

How Long Will You Need it?

When you’re only keeping the vehicle or piece of equipment for a short period of time, you might find that leasing it makes more sense for your business. You can lease it for a month or a year while paying exactly what it costs each month for the vehicle. At the end of the lease, you could decide to purchase the vehicle or lease a different one.

Financing Options

Buying a vehicle outright means a large payment all at once. A small or new business might not have the money for a large initial payment. This is where leasing makes more sense for the business. Monthly payments are smaller than financing in some cases too.

Impressive Vehicle

If you need to impress clients and other business owners, a new leased vehicle can be a great way to do that. With a lease that ends in two or three years, you could be leasing a new model vehicle every few years. This can be impressive to clients if you’re a salesperson, business owner, or real estate agent.


With a leased vehicle, you are keeping it for such a short amount of time that the car is likely to be under warranty for the entire time you own the car. It’ll save on costly repairs down the road. This can be good for people who rely on their vehicle to run their business since when it’s being fixed, there’s usually a replacement vehicle to use.

For auto sales, it might make more sense to lease the vehicle than to buy it outright if you’re a small business or need a fleet of vehicles for your sales department.

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