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Best Car Lease Specials in Los Angeles Let You Drive Home an SUV

Sports utility vehicles or SUVs are like a combination of a minivan and a pick-up truck. They’re off-road capable, can haul heavy equipment, and can seat up to 7 full-sized adults. Once the vehicle-of-choice for the avid outdoorsman, SUVs are now more of a status symbol for the rich and powerful.

History of SUVs

Early SUVs descended from the military vehicles of World War II. The lumbering vehicles were extremely popular in the US, UK, and Canada during the 1990s, but went through a decline in interest during the mid-2000s. For the past couple of years, though, this car type experienced massive renewed interest, as evidenced by the yearly increase in SUV sales worldwide since 2010. Thanks to constantly improving SUV sales, manufacturers can’t seem to stop trying to outdo themselves by incorporating the latest in technology and safety features in their SUV vehicles.

The beauty of SUVs

SUVs are often used for recreation and motorsports. Because they’re generally built with high-end suspension systems, SUVs allow their drivers to drive smooth on rugged terrains, even under harsh weather conditions. In addition, SUVs can get around snowy conditions better, compared with conventional four-door cars. Due to the high level of comfort they’re associated with, SUVs are the perfect vehicle for off-road destinations like mountains and beaches.

Aside from the off-road capacity and the driving comfort, what attracts prospective car buyers to the SUV is the wide variety that these vehicles come in. If you take a look at the inventory of a trusted car dealership in Los Angeles like Diviniti Auto Dealer, you can find SUVs that come in different sizes: full-size, mid-size, and mini.

Owning an SUV

Despite being originally designed for off-road use, the popularity of SUVs has led manufacturers to create luxury models for the more financially capable buyers. Luxury SUVs are distinguished by their top design and quality interiors made from high-grade materials. Think you can’t afford one? Simply look into Los Angeles lease specials to drive one home.

SUVs have become so popular that even those who don’t live a very outdoorsy lifestyle want to own one. Today, SUVs, with their luxury features, have also come to denote social status beyond its performance capability. Dealerships like Diviniti Auto offer the best car lease specials in Los Angeles that let you finance a luxury SUV at a price you can afford.


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