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Car Lease Deals and Maintenance: Your Responsibilities as the Lessee

Suppose you are looking for a car, but could only afford to lease one out instead of buying it. While driving a car on lease has its merits, what about the maintenance aspect? There are specifics on that front you must take care of before you lease, a NOLO article postulates.

Car Lease Deals and Maintenance Your Responsibilities as the Lessee

Even Los Angeles residents may feel the need to simply lease a car rather than buying. Indeed, the width and breadth of the city may tend to complicate commuting, especially if a person’s workplace is somewhere across town, and the public transport system’s routes are nowhere close to his or her home. If you feel that a leased car may be your way to go around the city for various purposes, why not let companies like Diviniti Auto Dealer help out with the best lease deals around?


Some of the car lease deals that your preferred auto lessor provides may be able to cover popular vehicles that they have in inventory. A look at a leasing agreement can state a supposedly low monthly price that may also factor in a list of existing features, but note that the price will increase if you’re aiming for a higher trim.

Not One Mile Further

A quote for your preferred lease car will often include a mileage limit per set period of time; this will depend on the type of vehicle and the overall miles that will be listed in your agreement. Always list down how many miles your car has travelled by jotting down the data on the odometer and subtracting it from the total mileage.

Overall Look

Many auto experts agree that when you lease out a car, you will have to take care of it as though you got it from a car rental establishment. To this end, general cleaning duties such as vacuuming the interior and a car wash may be your responsibility. If you’ve undergone defensive driving courses, apply all the lessons you’ve learned because the lessor may charge any damage to you. You should also avoid installing any aftermarket performance parts, as it will force the lessor to terminate the lease and invalidate the vehicle warranty.

Escape Clause

There may be a possibility that you no longer need the car, and can’t afford to let it sit on the driveway while making payments for the lease. You can discuss with your lessor the possibility of a termination of lease clause in the contract, although it is important you learn how much you will have to pay if you want to terminate the lease before the set date.



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