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Car Lease in Los Angeles: Should It Be that Hard to Close a Deal?

Sometimes, it may be prudent to just take out a lease on a car instead of buying one. After all, there’s always the possibility of getting good deals on a prized vehicle, as long as you talk things over with a preferred auto lessor. Donna Fuscaldo of Fox Business said there will be challenges you can easily overcome in scoring a fine lease deal.

How to Negotiate Your Next Car Lease, Fox Business

Leasing is a good option worth engaging in when you’re in need of a working automobile that’s more or less classy. A leading business publication stated that at least 25% of all new vehicles bought in the U.S. during the first quarter of 2014 were on lease, representing a 14-year high.

The variety of brands was also wider, with eight companies having leased cars when only three of them had a larger share a decade before. If you want to secure a new vehicle through an affordable car lease in Los Angeles, a company like Diviniti Auto Dealer is willing to sit down with you and make it happen.

Starting Somewhere

Choosing which car to take on a lease, like buying it whole, requires a thorough understanding of your own goals/preferences for the vehicle and finding one that fits these criteria. You have to check your preferred auto dealer for a list of vehicles and their manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), plus the sticker price. A lease amount below the MSRP and sticker price can be a bonus as far as savings is concerned.

Some dealers may offer a zero down payment option for the lease. Be prepared, however, for the possibility that you will have to increase your monthly payments to compensate, especially if you’re planning to lease the vehicle for a couple of years.


Some auto lessors have a predetermined mileage to go along with the year, which limits the usage of the vehicle. As such, you must properly keep track of your mileage allotment; it may be possible to burn through everything if, for example, you’re allotted 15,000 miles a year and you spent it on multiple cross-country trips. You may be charged for every mile you go over the maximum, so be mindful of this aspect.


Due diligence may point you to several programs to lease a car in Los Angeles, with each offering competitive rates, but choosing one from all of them can put you in a dilemma. A company like Diviniti Auto Dealer can works around this with a “No-Headache” option, where the five best leasing programs you find will be analyzed for their merits, which will help you narrow down your choice.

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