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Negotiating with Dealers to Get the Best Lease Deals and Save More

Do you still believe that not telling the dealer at first of your plan on leasing is the most effective way to begin negotiating for car lease deals? You better think again. There’s no need for you to wait for a price to be established before telling the dealer that you plan on leasing the car.

best lease deals

In fact, the best way to negotiate a lease deal is to inform them up front that you plan on leasing, then you can go from there on discussing the selling price and monthly payments. It always helps to have an adequate background about the car you plan on leasing, including its value—unless you want to settle on a lease deal that might not work best for you.

What to Know before Negotiating

Buyers who are interested in leasing have three key advantages that they could use in negotiating a lease deal: adequate time to prepare and research about the car, prices, and leasing; numerous choices of dealers to choose from; and the freedom to walk away if a deal doesn’t suit their needs.

Before entering a negotiation with a dealer, you must arm yourself with adequate knowledge on price comparisons, and the sticker and manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the vehicle you plan on leasing. Afterwards, contact three to five dealers around your area to know about their deals, while offering the same down payment amount and mileage for you to be able to compare prices fairly.

How to Begin Negotiating

After doing your homework, you can begin negotiating by starting with the lease price or the cap cost. Have a specific target price in mind, and note that the lower the price, the lower your monthly lease payment will be. Don’t let dealers tell you that prices aren’t negotiable, unless you’re after a top-selling car that’s in short supply.

Remember to ask about rebates, specials, discounts, or incentives that might help in reducing your costs, along with acquisition and disposition fees or any other charges that can affect the price. If you know the car’s wholesale value, you can use this as a basis for the amount of down payment you’d be willing to shell out.

If you’re ready to get the best lease deals, then now’s the time to approach leading car dealerships in Los Angeles like Diviniti Auto Dealer. Knowing how to negotiate for the best deal can put you on the driver’s seat of your dream car for less.


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